August 23, 2017

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization Phase

[frame align=”left”]Beach View from Treatment Room in Laguna Beach[/frame]While our inpatient treatment program provides intensive medical monitoring and a solid foundation of recovery tools, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides a transition from a highly structured program to one of shared responsibility. Patients continue to participate in all program activities, morning through evening, seven days a week, but maintain a residence off campus. Off campus accommodations may mean a return to their former living arrangements or to a sober-living facility recommended by the treatment team. Patients in this phase of treatment learn new ways to overcome the obstacles of daily life while still receiving the support and direction of the treatment team. Developing a relationship with a 12-Step sponsor and participating in alumni activities is also a vital part of this transition. Having developed personal insight into their own addiction and recovery process through the completion of detox and rehab, PHP patients provide a tremendous support to those patients newly admitted to the treatment program. In reverse, the “newcomers” provide a valuable “mirror image” to those in outpatient status, further strengthening their commitment to sobriety and recovery.

Continuing Care

Continuing Addiction Recovery Care

[frame align=”left”]Drug Rehab at Mission Pacific Coast Recovery[/frame]Ongoing recovery direction, support and fellowship is very important early in addiction recovery. For that reason, the Mission Pacific Coast Recovery offers our patients and families the opportunity to return to the treatment center for our aftercare program. Weekly meetings for both our graduating patients and identified family members provide the opportunity to connect back to the recovery unit, staff, and peers. Common issues of early recovery are addressed and processed in a supportive group setting. The aftercare program is a free component of treatment and is available for one year following completion of primary addiction care.

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