August 23, 2017

Family Program

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Marcia Locke is our Family Therapist, and she can be reached at

[frame align=”left”]Addiction Treatment Hospital[/frame]Considered a specialty of the Mission Pacific Coast Recovery, the intensive family week takes place two to three weeks after the completion of detox. Patients and family members alike are prepared for a meaningful and intensive four-day treatment experience. Patients and family members will get a thorough education about this life threatening illness. They will learn how drugs and alcohol work and how they all stop working through the progression of the disease. They will learn how drugs injure the brain and how the brain heals itself. They will participate in “knee to knee” exercises, learning how to communicate and resolve issues. Numbing emotional baggage is the number one reason why people relapse three or four months down the road. The goal of treatment is to be left with very little if any emotional baggage allowing you to not only not drink, but to actually enjoy not drinking. Many of our patients have forgotten that this possible, but this is what makes all this worthwhile.

At Mission Pacific Coast Recovery, our goal is to make the Family Program accessible, informative, and helpful to the family and friends of our patients. The family and friends of patients with chemical dependency and/or chronic pain have struggled, sometimes for years, over how to manage the problems of addiction as well as co-occurring medical and pain issues. In a supportive and therapeutic setting, the Family Program assists family and friends begin to understand the disease of addiction and apply it to their own self care, as well as to the care of their loved one. Participation by the patient in the Family program allows the opportunity for greater understanding and healing.

[frame align=”right”]Contact Mission Pacific Coast Recovery[/frame]For those able to attend the full program, the schedule is Monday-Thursday 2:00 PM to 8:30PM, with a break for dinner at 5:00 PM. For family and friends who cannot attend during the day, the evening session is from 6:15PM to 8:30PM.

Family and friends are invited to learn more about how the disease of addiction and chronic pain issues not only cause the patient to turn to unwise or destructive choices, but how it disrupts the lives of those close to them. Patients, family and friends are encouraged to learn and practice new forms of communication, identify and change toxic patterns of communication, and carry their new learning into everyday life.

Comments from previous attendees:

[quote style=”1″]I’m so relieved; I know how to stop walking on eggshells.[/quote] [quote style=”1″]I feel I’ve learned how to speak my truth in a respectful and empowered way.[/quote] [quote style=”1″]I can balance my life, now.[/quote] [frame align=”left”]Nurses Station at Mission Pacific Coast Recovery[/frame]