August 23, 2017

Success Stories

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Mission Pacific Coast Recovery
Patient Satisfaction Survey

[divider top=”0″] [quote style=”1″]This is just a quick note to Dr. Headrick to tell him thank you for the excellent care I received a little more than 9 months ago. I am still sober and so very very thankful! I am the mother I always wanted to be to my children. My children and husband have witnessed a remarkable recovery and finally have a happy and fulfilled mom and wife! Thanks to Dr. Headrick and his team, I was catapulted (and found the strength to “catapult” myself) into a significantly strong start in my recovery and is something I will never forget and even though it was extremely difficult to be away from my young children for so long, it is something I’ll never regret either. So, thank you for 9 months (so far) of sobriety and for helping me find the ability to appreciate the life I always had, but took for granted.[/quote]

– Anonymous

[quote style=”1″]The entire staff from Admittance to Discharge was extremely efficient. You all made a very scary experience for me the utmost caring, sensitive, informative and loving atmosphere for me. You made me feel at home. If not for this hospital, I would not be the person I am today! Thanks so much for your genuine expertise and I will never forget my stay here. I will miss you all![/quote]

– Patient D.H.

[quote style=”1″]When I checked in I had no idea of what to expect. I felt respected and never judged. The staff was amazing. I always felt supported. Tom, Michael, Paulette, and Pete are Godsends. Thank you all for such great care. Also thank you for opening your hearts to me and the others. I know now that I could not have got sober without the team at PCRC.[/quote]

– Patient J.S.

[quote style=”1″]It is wonderful at PCRC. Specifically the medical team. Excellence in diagnostic treatment and guidance. I am grateful. I look forward to going to Rehab in an effort to continue treatment and receive more education and counseling. The entire staff exemplifies a standard of leadership and excellence far above industry standards.[/quote]

– Patient H.C.

[quote style=”1″]I want to say thank you to everyone for opening their hearts and arms to me is I can live the life I deserve. Keep doing what you’re doing because you all and your program are AMAZING![/quote]

– Patient J.T.

[quote style=”1″]The experience was so positive I believe it’s changed my life completely. Thanks I have nothing but respect for this place and only good things to say about it and I will when I get home and tell my family and friends where I have been and why.[/quote]

– Patient E.L.

[quote style=”1″]The protocols and the nursing staff made Detox easier than I thought it would be. I very much appreciate that. The rooms are beautiful and the view spectacular. The counselors are very professional and respectful. Paulette is especially warm and caring. I will never forget the kindness shown to me.[/quote]

– Patient J.S.

[quote style=”1″]Very good treatment and was very helpful. Better than I expected, very friendly and I thank everyone here for the kindness and making me feel welcome.[/quote]

– Patient G.M.

[quote style=”1″]Everyone was really nice to me. They are all amazing and I love them.[/quote]

– Patient T.W.