August 23, 2017

Dr. Dan and Team

[frame align=”left”]Dr Dan at Mission Pacific Coast Recovery[/frame]I am privileged to be the Medical Director and CEO of Mission Pacific Coast Recovery. I have been working in hospital based chemical dependency treatment settings for the last 16 years and have been working in this field for the last 20 years. The contents of this program represent the most challenging 30-day program that currently exists. It allows the majority of people to succeed in treatment. Our treatment center is unique because it is located in a hospital. We have a highly trained staff of over 35 clinical and medical professionals working full time to care for any medical or psychiatric condition that could arise. At the same time we have the ambiance of a spa/resort with white water views a block from the beach. But the key is our staff – qualified, experienced, compassionate, and dedicated.

Science is replacing the fear, ignorance and superstition about why people become dependent on alcohol and drugs. Part of it is genetic and part of it is emotional. 40% to 60% of the reason why people end up in hospital based treatment is because their biology was off balance before their first drink or drug. The other 40% to 60% is emotional. Everyone comes in with emotional baggage that they are “numbing.” Anger, guilt, resentment, inferiority, unworthiness, abandonment, self-pity, abuse, stress, grief, loss, poverty and combinations of these feed into the chemically dependent pattern. This program will not only focus on the physical and emotional aspects, but also the spiritual aspects. The medical profession knows that chemical dependency is a life threatening, but treatable, illness. Treatment works. The majority of people that complete a full intensive four-week program will succeed.

Daniel Headrich

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Our Mission

Mission Pacific Coast Recovery provides the most comprehensive systems of care and treatment by challenging the patient to achieve the highest level of recovery – physically, mentally and spiritually.

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