August 23, 2017


[frame align=”left”]Mission Pacific Coast Recovery Alumni[/frame]The Mission Pacific Coast Recovery Alumni group was originally started at South Coast Medical Center (now Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, as of July 1, 2009) in the early 1990’s as a means of offering ongoing peer support, as well as a vehicle for social activities in early sobriety. The group initially began with approximately a dozen members and has grown to over 100 in regular attendance. Patients who have completed treatment are invited to attend meetings held every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. Within the group, years of sobriety range from newly sober current patients to former patients with up to 15 years of sober living experience.

Addiction Alumni Events

[frame align=”right”]Addiction Alumni Program[/frame]Alumni activities include an annual Christmas party, a summer barbeque, as well as other activities throughout the year, including an Alumni Newsletter. Volunteering their time and valuable years of experience, many Alumni members become sponsors for current patients within the addiction treatment programs. With an Alumni sponsor, patients remain connected to the close relationships they developed with their peers and also have the opportunity to get involved in other 12-Step activities and opportunities for social interaction. The Alumni group elects a secretary, treasurer and literature volunteer bi-annually. Funds collected are used to donate literature, educational videos and other items needed for our treatment program, as well as sobriety chips, birthday cakes and literature for meetings. The continuing efforts and dedication of the Alumni group have a significant effect in providing a nurturing influence to patients and families.

Alumni Services

Our alumni staff is constantly looking for ways to add to our alumni services. If you are interested in participating in events, weekly meetings, or reaching out to other alumni, please email Tori Degroote at