August 23, 2017

Insurance and Pricing

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[frame align=”left”]Insurance at Mission Pacific Coast Recovery[/frame]Mission Pacific Coast Recovery is contracted with most insurance plans and is able to accept Medicare for covered services. Insurance policies and individual benefits very greatly. Most insurance companies and managed care organizations will concurrently review your medical record during hospitalization. With your authorization, our expert Utilization Review professionals will work with your insurance company to provide them with accurate data as we advocate for your care. Detoxification and other inpatient care are usually covered only if it is determined to be “Medically Necessary”. Authorized care does not necessarily guarantee payment from an insurance company. Individual patients are ultimately responsible for the payment of fees. As a condition of participation with most insurance plans, PCRC is obligated to collect co payments and deductibles as outlined in your benefit description. Our intake staff and admission counselors can assist with verifying benefits and will help you obtain information concerning your policy. The final cost of treatment is determined by the level of care provided, length of stay, and the payment received from your insurance company. If you are self paying for treatment or a portion of treatment, payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis. Our intake and business office staff will be glad to assist you throughout this process.


Listed prices are inclusive of all hospital services that are usual and customary in the treatment of chemical dependency rehabilitation. Physician fees are not included in the hospital costs.
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Private room (all levels of care)

Medical Detoxification

Inpatient Rehabilitation (Pain Track)

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Partial Hospitalization

$1,500 per day

$1,000 per day

$900 per day

$780 per day

$550 per day

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