August 23, 2017

Tranquilizer Addiction

Tranquilizers are a depressant and an addicting substance. Tranquilizers are pharmaceuticals that are divided into two categories: major and minor. “Minor Tranquilizers” or benzodiazepines, which are the most likely to be abused include drugs such as: Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Librium. Although mostly used for psychiatric purposes “major tranquilizers” can be addictive too, some commonly abused major tranquilizers are: Haldol, Navane, Thorazine and Mellaril. Most people consider them less harmful because physicians prescribe them. The reality of the situation is that tranquilizers addiction is a serious thing. They are often used for sleep, anxiety, or as an antipsychotic- but tranquilizer addiction has been the cause of many unexpected deaths. Mostly due to the fact that many people abuse or mix tranquilizers to achieve a high that is doing irreparable damage to their bodies. Often people do not notice the effect it is having upon them. An addiction to Tranquilizers often achieves the goal of sleep and a feeling of numbness for the user. They do not want to be apart of the coherent and present world. The much rather numb their unexplainable pain or sleep their lives away. Few realize that this addiction is a game of Russian roulette that the abuser is playing because some will never wake up. There is a solution to tranquilizer addiction but the addicted person must seek treatment. With the help of a medical detoxification, extensive therapy, & help from a twelve-step program many can live happy and satisfied lives. Tranquilizer addiction is game that cannot be won.