August 23, 2017

Information and Resources about Barbiturates Addiction

[frame align=”left”]Barbiturates Addiction[/frame]Addiction to barbiturates can become a very powerful force in a person’s life and can take over every aspect of it. In addition to a strong physical dependence, many also become psychologically dependent on these drugs. The person may seem not to care about anything with the exception to obtaining this drug and will stop at nothing to get it. They may sever ties with friends and family, experience financial problems and even shrug off their personal and professional responsibilities. If this sounds like someone that you know or perhaps describes what you have been going through, chances are that you need help.

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Dangers of Being Addicted to Barbiturates

While many individuals may think that their addiction does not place them at greater risk for death as a direct complication, this is entirely false. When taking this drug, side effects include slowed heart rate and respirations as well as induced sleep. Although these things do not seem major, they have proven to be lethal. When addicted the person finds that they need an increased dosage of the drug in order to obtain the high. Increased dosages lead to overdose, resulting in coma and in some cases, eventually death. The person who may otherwise have health conditions may not even have to overdose in order to suffer any of these ill effects.

The Process of Detoxification

Fearing the detoxification process is completely normal during this stage. Withdrawal symptoms are quite unpleasant and can become severe. They may include but are not limited to restlessness, tachycardia, tremors and extreme anxiety. Those who have been addicted for some time can even experience seizures during detox efforts. The most serious side effects of detox are seizures and even death. While this does seem scary, these effects do not last and professional treatment centers can help ease the process. In addition to this, they also have qualified health care personnel on stand-by just in case. This assists in calming the person and ensuring their safety during all times.

Where to Get Help for Barbiturates Addiction

Choosing the right treatment center is the main priority for successful recovery. Residential, also known as in-patient treatment centers are often preferred. This is because withdrawal symptoms can take anywhere from seven to ten days to subside. Due to the nature of these symptoms, residential treatment is simply the safest option. Treatment can still vary significantly by these facilities though. Therefore, it is important to research and investigate all aspects of the treatment center before making any decision.

Other Important Information

This is just some of the information regarding barbiturates, addiction and treatment. Calling the center and inquiring about their services is the first step in obtaining help and learning more about the options available. There is no commitment required. This gives the addict as well as friend/family members do the chance to interact in person. Making this phone call can save a life, namely yours or that of a loved one.