August 23, 2017

Prescription Addiction

[frame align=”left”]Prescription Addiction[/frame]When an individual experiences an injury or illness that requires the use of pain medication, that person may ultimately need to recover from an addiction in addition to the illness or injury originally suffered. The overuse of pain medication can actually impede the recovery process by creating pain the mind of the user that is not there.

In the case of prescription anxiety medication, the effects of euphoria experienced by the individual can cause them to desire more of the drugs than they actually need to maintain a healthy state of mind.

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Take Medication Only As Directed

When prescriptions are issued, the prescribing doctor lists precise instructions concerning dosages and frequency of use. If the person taking the medication increases the dosage by either taking too many milligrams at a time, or taking the regular dosage more often than instructed, he is drastically increasing his risk of addiction. If the individual who is taking the medication is unreliable around such medication, for instance they may have a history of drug abuse; have another member of the family issue the appropriate doses. The effects of some prescription narcotics can include drowsiness, so an individual may accidentally take an additional dose because they do not remember taking the first one. Because of this, it is a good idea to keep an accurate record of when medication is taken and how much. If it becomes a habit to check the record before every dosage, accidental overdoses can be more easily avoided and addiction may be less likely to occur.

Lock Up Prescription Medications

When prescribed certain medications, it is highly recommended that they be locked in a secure location. While the patient prescribed these medications may be taking them as directed, it is not uncommon for other individuals to take them when they are available.

Prescription addiction is a huge problem in the United States because of the high rate with which certain drugs are prescribed, as well as the wide variety of uses. For instance, one particular drug is partnered with different ingredients and can be prescribed for moderate to severe pain, chronic pain, and as a cough medicine.

Take Missing Medication Very Seriously

Medication does not simply vanish. If an individual is following the prescribed doses and frequency for a prescription, but the medication is, running out prior to the date it is supposed to, someone has taken that medication. If there are strangers in the home at any time, it is important to make sure the medication is not accessible. Do not keep it in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, for instance. It is common practice for individuals with prescription addiction issues to search the homes of friends, family members and even clients (in the case of repair people or others who have occasion to be in someone else’s home). When prescription medication is missing, it is imperative to report the theft to the police immediately and to be aware that someone in the household may be suffering silently. They are in need of help and steps should be taken before the problem becomes more severe.